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    Here is a sample of Act Management's clients, as well as a brief summary of Act's assigments.

    Business to business project in the Middle East.

    Coaching project of logistic services with Carrefour. This project is to assist management, mainly on social and communication matters in the re-design of the logistic service department of the new acquired company by Carrefour; GB.

    Interim Management project. Site Manager TNL, joint venture of TNT Logistics and the mass retailer GIB, in charge of a warehouse and distribution contract. Social re-engineering is part of the project.

    "Act Management heeft tijdens zijn activiteiten in een van onze joint ventures gedurende 18 maanden een aanzienlijke bijdrage geleverd aan implementatie van verbetertrajecten op het gebied van interne relaties en relaties met de syndicaten. Daarnaast is zijn bijdrage aan het verkrijgen van draagvlak bij interne veranderingsprocessen aanzienlijk geweest. Zijn deskundigheid en gezag verzekeren succes."

    Ruud Moerkerken, Director Operations TNT Hi Tech Logistics

    A+ Consultancy

    Developing the "human capital management" principles and offering as an extension to the traditional service package of a recruitment and selection cabinet.

    A US company with 4 affiliates in Europe, 2 in Italy, 1 in France and 1 in Belgium. The mission consisted in the integration and the consolidation of the European activities withing Pentair Water Europe.

    Fedichem is the federation of the chemical industry in Belgium. Project related to strategy, organization, change management….


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